Pre-Sale Order Policy

What is a pre-sale order?

A pre-sale is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released, however an allocation for stock is available for purchase. It is the customers responsibility to read and understand this information before proceeding to place a pre-sale order.

When you pre-order an item from Down The Little Lane it is reserved exclusively for you. Your card is charged when the order is placed so your item can be put into production. Anything with a later ship date or release date is considered a pre-sale order.

Please note that we have no control over when a pre-sale ordered item arrives, but instead offer estimates. This is due to the acrylic suppliers production schedules and sometimes an item may arrive several weeks before or after.

The benefit of purchasing pre-order items is you will be guaranteed your product as they may tend too sell out due to popularity.

If you would like the other items sent to you before waiting, you MUST pay extra postage for those items.

Can I cancel my pre-sale order?

Pre-orders cannot be cancelled as a special order has been made exclusively for you with our acrylic cutting company, which means your item is already in production and it has been paid for.



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