Dichroic Glass Jewellery by Glass Shokunin Studio

Brian is a 3rd generation glazier, his grandfather was a lead lighter and glazier in England, his father was a glazier and his brother Pete is also a glazier, so glass expertise runs in the family. Brian has worked with glass in various forms for over 35 years and so after selling his 30 year old glass company, and returning from 6 months in Japan, he decided to go full steam into what has always been his passion, glass artistry. Although dabbling in a little glass blowing throughout his glazing years he decided to set up his first studio mainly dedicated to glass fusing and flame work because they're art forms that can be practiced as an individual in the studio.

Inspiration for Brian's work, although living in the country, doesn't come from being "one with nature" or anything as romantic as that, but more from past or present day to day experiences and sights. Sometimes its just from an idea which comes to him while working with the glass which sets him off on another tangent. He sometimes will combine every day products like copper, steel, wood etc into his art work.

"There's always something new to learn with this medium, and as temperamental as glass can be persistence brings great reward, so at the end of the day if someone gets enjoyment from my work then its all worth it."

For more information, please visit the website - https://glassshokuninstudio.com.au



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